Often the conventional care applications are not sufficient enough to obtain a truly macellous skin with extended pores. For this purposeful transformation of the skin, the beauty expert has to use a special high-tech treatment.

In dermabrasion crystals are controlled on the skin due to high speed and high level of precision. These are acting as a kind of softener, gently abusing keratinized cells. As a result your aging cell layer disappear and the skin shines fresh, rosy. The subsequently applied active ingredients can now be optimally absorbed and allow your skin to be embellished from the inside out.

The upper skin is refined and structured by abrasion. Sera and other active ingredients can now penetrate deeply and evenly and supply the skin cells. Cell division is stimulated and the skin rejuvenates itself.


By stimulating the blood circulation, the skin is supplied with new energy and the deeper tissues are optimally strengthened. The skin structure receives a fresh complexion through deep-reaching regeneration, which is particularly beneficial on the way to refresh aged skin. 



Are you annoyed by signs of aging? Pale skin, sun damage, wrinkles? You should take a look at our treatment providing freshness. Professional beauty through revitalizing and smoothing your skin in just two treatment steps within one session.

Step 1: IONTO MESOsono - Skin regeneration using MESO tips

Fine artificial injections penetrate the uppermost skin layer in fully automatic up and down movements, leaving openings in the micro area that allow the penetration of concentrated active ingredients into the skin in a gentle and pain-free manner. The acid and nutrient supply of the skin is boosted, moisture depots are filled and cell renewal reactivated.

The epidermis is thus supplied precisely and stimulated to self-regeneration.

Step 2: Ultrasound - revitalization and anti-aging by sound

The ultrasound is a cell stimulating and profound heat treatment, which stimulates the skin through the transmitted sound waves to improve the tightening process. Thereby, it is possible to strengthen supporting skin structures as well as make the epithelial cells more permeable to active substances. The ultrasound can be used to delineate active substances in a targeted manner and to control their effect at the desired site.


This gives you a completely regenerated skin after a session.