Laser and light cosmetic treatments

Alma's unique technologies enableeffective light energy tailored treatments and convincing results.Light technology is as effective as a laser, but as safe as a laserFlash lamp. Pigmentation and disruptive vessels such as couperoseand telangiectasia can be visibly reduced.It is decidedly safe and effective, bothfor thin and sensitive skin in areas such as neck and décolleté,as well as for hands or arms.


The treatment with the light technology is suitable for face and body
and for every skin type. It is safe and effective, even for thin and sensitive
Skin on areas such as neck and décolleté.



The procedure offers both short- and long-term benefits: immediate skin
toning and a radiant complexion, but also an improvement of the structure
and elasticity of the skin, making the skin better against future age
damage is protected.



The dye technology significantly improves the appearance of
Vascular and pigment changes, reduces the pore size and
optimizes tone and structure of the skin. The skin becomes smooth again,
silky smooth and radiant - fast and easy as never before.