Hair-free and beautiful skin now belongs to the general beauty ideals and hair removal has become a part of the general body care. Waxing is one of the most thorough methods to remove hair - and the most gentle. Hairs are removed quickly, thoroughly and almost painlessly for a period of several weeks. With periodical waxing, growing hair will become finer, softer.


Through the warm wax the pores are opened and the hairs can be removed quickly and thoroughly. We work with different wax types, which are suited to the individual body zones. Our wax due to its natural ingredients is particularly skin-compatible and gentle. When required, we provide your skin immediately after treatment with soothing care products such as aloe vera gel. By the long intervals between the repetitions of the wax hair removal from four to six weeks your skin is would not be too stressed and has sufficient time to regenerate itself.


Care instructions:

Minimize additional skin irritation before waxing. Avoid sun or solarium 24 hours before procedure. For an optimal result, please ensure proper hair length so that the wax holds the hair well (on large body parts, 4-5 mm length, in the intimate area, the hair should be about 6-10 mm long). After the waxing, sunbaths and solarium should be avoided for the next 48 hours. To prevent irritation avoid sports, saunas, use of other care products, soap-based shower gels and alcohol-containing deodorants for at least first 24 hours. Against ingrown hair helps regular body peeling. This removes dead skin cells which would otherwise clog the hairline and prevent the hair from growing out. For the prevention of inflammation or ingrown hair, we only use high-quality products. These ensure that the skin is well disinfected and provided with all the necessary care products. This also ensures the protection against unnecessary skin irritation and the rapid closure of the pores after waxing.