Nail Care

We only work with products from leading manufacturers, which combine quality and good looks.

IBD - Neumodellage gel nail products

O.P.I. - Nail polish (under- and over-coat) extremely long-lasting / Well-known nail polish collections from USA.

Harmony & O.P.I. & CND- Permanent varnish scratch resistant and durable for 2-3 weeks.

Gel nail model / nail design

Your hands and fingernails are telling a lot about you. Since they are always visible, they are noticed by most people first ... But not every woman has beautiful nails by nature, many suffer from nail problems. Whether soft, brittle, splitting or caused by nail biting. Also hormonal changes and nail deformations are a disturbing factor of the otherwise well-maintained appearance. It is not a question of age, but a question of personal claim.

In order to prolong short fingernails and stabilize natural nails, the treatments are worked with us with a light-curing plastic system, also called UV gel. The nails will become approximately 60 times more stable than natural nails after treatment. Before each treatment our customers are individually and professionally advised and all wishes such as nail form and length will be discussed together.

We use high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers, which protect the natural nails and, among other things, are especially suitable for allergy sufferers. Under the protective coat natural nails continue to grow unhindered. The advantage of gel nails is that crystal stones, embellishments as well as inlay motifs can be placed very well with the help of the liquid gel, which leaves a lot of room for individual designs.


In order to ensure a perfet look of your nails, there should not be too much time left before the first filling-up date. As an optimal filling interval, three weeks are a good term for healthy natural nails.


Beautiful hands are attracting peoples attention. Therefore, it should be quite self-evident to give our hands the attention and care they deserve. After all, they are not only pure "tools" but also an expression of our life, our personal style, and our claim to ourselves. Our hands are telling more about ourself than we use to think. They show people in our environment how important the general body care is.

Our manicure includes a hand bath. The removal of the nail skin, the filing of the nails as well as the gentle grinding of the nail skin edges, the nail skin appears again smooth and evenly. At the end of the manicure, your nails are polished and additionally applied with a care product such as manicure oil to give a subtle natural shine. If desired, we can also provide your hands with a light massage as well as varnish your nails with the color of your choice. Well-groomed hands and feet make every look so perfect. Whether you're looking for a natural French look, classic red or trendy neon, you've got the choice.

Foot care

Our feet accompany us all our lives, so we should look after them well. If you want to do something good for your feet and yourself, then treat yourself with a professional foot care! Your foot care is very important to us.

Foot Care according to Medical Devices

Foot care according to medical guidelines is the relief of the foot complaints according to medical guidelines. The treatment includes the correction of the nail shaping as well as the removal of chicken eye, foot warts and pressure points.

Cosmetic pericure

In cosmetic foot care, also known as "pedicure", our salon is focused on the reduction of the toe nails as well as the removal of the cornea at the feet. The treatment and a pleasant foot massage of the feet complete the treatment. Wishes for professional foot nail varnishing can be easily fulfilled. We kindly ask you to provide a brief description of the type of foot care you want (foot care according to medical guidelines or cosmetic foot care).