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Wir arbeiten nur mit Produkten führender Hersteller, welche Qualität und gutes Aussehen vereinen.
Malu Wilz – Kosmetikprodukte

Classic Cosmetic Treament

The face is the mirror of our soul and the expression of our personality. A one reason more to cultivate it with the care. Your skin type will be identified at the beginning of the cosmetic treatment in order to determine your optimal face care products

A thorough pre-cleaning is necessary to cleare your face, neck and décolleté from conventional cosmetic products or similar. Subsequently, the peeling procedure takes place, whereby the dead skin cells of your upper facial skin will be removed. As the next step, the deep cleansing is carried out, which ensures that all skin impurities are completely removed from the face. A pleasant facial massage with aromatic oil is then performed with a goal to relax your facial muscles.

Among with professional facial treatment a facial mask will be applied, which vitalizes every skin of your face by supplying it with the necessary vitamins. At the end of the treatment a high-quality day cream will be applied to your face..


Eyelash Extension

With an eyelash lengthening or wimp densification the eyelashes will be combined with silk eyelids applied to the lid edge. For a natural look of the eyelashes every eyelash should be glued individually. Depending on the desired result artificial eyelashes can be chosen in different thicknesses and lengths. Anyone wearing an eyelash extensor should only use fat- and oil-free products in the area of ??the eyes and apply and remove mascara or other make-up products carefully. "Eye scrubbing" should also be avoided. But even with good care, the durability of an eyelash extension is usually only a few weeks. Your natural eyelashes holding extensions attached to them will fall of every few weeks according to the natural life cycle. In order to keep beautiful appearance of the eyelashes a regular filling of the eyelashes is recommended every 2-4 weeks.